On November 11th, my story was published in the national press! 

I am very proud to share a copy of the feature that appeared in The Telegraph which highlighted challenges that I have had to face along with my family, friends and my close partner Alli. Alli has been instrumental in my recovery and I am sure that I would not be writing this today had it not been for her. 

Finding the help you need is so hard, and so many sufferers experience rejection along the way. This needs to be fixed, hence the need to share my journey.

The catalyst for me getting help was a phone interview that was arranged with Professor Mary Askew through Steps 2 Change in Stamford via my GP Dr Chaudry.

I was then referred to St Andrews Heathcare where I have been receiving theraphy in the form of CBT (Gognitive Behavioural Theraphy) from consultant Victoria Lucas, which has been incredible.

She put me in touch with Outside The Wire, an important part of a Norfolk and Suffolk charity called The Matthew Project, and was fortunate enough to receive fantastic support from Justin Smith who has helped to manage and reduce my drinking habit immensley.

My story has touched others and I have been approached by Dr Kasia Wilk to appear as a guest on her podcast for her forthcoming film, Unseen Scars. This show is to share veterans stories and create the movement behind the film that will be coming out in 2021. 

Carl Mackenzie is directing this film, also better known for directing and producing The Interogation of Olivia Donovan.

If you'd like to read this online, click here.