About two & a half years ago, I was getting very anxious, depressed and drinking heavily. Often, I would be out walking all night, challenging people who I thought were of wrong doing and was attacked a number of times. 

A few of these attacks were serious ending with head injuries after being pushed to the ground by about 8 youths and repeatedly kicked all over, including my head. 

On a separate occasion, I was again attacked by a number of youths, ending up with a serious break to my shoulder with a severe dislocation. This injury still affects me today.

My walking at night, in most cases gave me a comfort, being out in the dark, any weather and alone. I guess this had something to do with my military background, I felt comfortable and safe.

This photograph is of me sitting inside a large trailer that was inside a barn. It got me out of the wind and offered a safe quiet place for a number of hours, until daylight broke, a time I didn't always look forward to.