Childhood Memories of Cromer : ( By Dave Fincham )

Sitting outside in the sun

Thinking of my dad and my mum

Memories triggered by living here

Reminds me of the ones, so dear.

Camping on Norfolk’s coast,

East Runton, was where we frequented most

Remember the stairs down to the sea

“Walk, don’t run, or you’ll scratch your knee”

A regular phrase, always said to me,

Remember rolling down the sandy cliff

Beat my sister, she had a tiff

Then we got onto the beach once more

Treasures to find and something more

As I grow older, I never forget

The day that Cromer and I first met,

The tractors and boats for us to see

One day I said, this could be me.

Many years have now passed

My dream appears to be close at last

The memories still from where we played

I still remember a parrot in a cage

Friends we made and friends we had

Wish I was back here with my mum and my dad

Things do change as we grow old

Keep tight of your memories, 

That seem hard to hold

I cannot wait to be on the beach again,

Taking photos to remind me of then,

Again, I think of places shared,

When so many people seemed to care

This special time that we now live,

Surely a time now to forgive

Speak with those you used to know

We are older now, and wiser so.