Last week I joined a fantastic family business in Wells-next-the-Sea as crew on a fantastic boat, the Lucy Lavers. 

Lucy is a single screw Liverpool class boat built for the RNLI in 1939, but was then immediately tasked to assist many other small boats with rescuing our soldiers in Dunkirk in 1940. 

She sailed to Ramsgate where she was then handed over to the Royal Navy, probably having one pilot and one crew. She was then towed across the English Channel where she was put to work. 

Lucy was unable to beach due to a number of factors. She weighs 7 tons, was running on a 35hp petrol engine and once loaded with approximately 50 men, would have been unable to relaunch. She was, therefore, used to collect our soldiers from other landing craft and shuttle run to the larger ships out in the channel. 

After the war, Lucy was recommissioned by the RNLI and served for 36 years, saving a further 36 lives. She then retired from service and was used as a pilot boat in the Channel Islands. 

She was restored by Norfolk based Rescue Wooden Boats, where David Hewitt, along and a team of volunteers, brought her back to former glory. There are many more things to learn about her life.

She is available for hire, private charter, breakfast cruises, sunset cruises and, of course, fish & chip cruises! If you are visiting Wells, why not come and visit her, I'd love to welcome you on board!

Check out for more details and how to book.