This image is very important to me. I love the image, and I love the dog. The owners of the dog have stood by me since I was about 8 years old. They were close neighbours. Then my teachers at comprehensive school. Dick, (Richard Hughes), was my P.E Teacher and supported and encouraged me with my sport at school which played a big part in my success in the British armed forces.

Dick supported me for many years, asking me to help with time keeping, setting up timing clocks for key events across the country. When I was struggling with my CPTSD I shared my journey with Dick. He listened, but never judged. He introduced me to someone that was really struggling with drink and we become great friends. Sadly, my new friend died, Dick called me as soon as he could as he knew how important our relationship was. 

Our journeys are all very different. Friends are very special. Friends that you love and if 'you' can tell them so are even more special. 

Dick and Roz know that I love them and thank them for their support. 

When times are tough , talk to someone that will listen and not prejudice you. 

You will be pleased that you did.