I am still amazed at the response to my work and hopefully, the message that my work shares.

I have had great pleasure in uniting a number of my images in both canvas and fine art print:-

One of my customers:-

Re: Order #1868100376 on Dec 7, 2020

Sorry DaveI just checked my emails and found this .Yes , it arrived safely and it is stunning ! I love it and have it ready for my husband for Xmas because he always says how much he loves the sound of seagulls at the coast . I can hear them in this photograph . The other reason is we have a holiday home in Sheringham and which, due to the current situation we made the decision to sell . We love the place but have decided we should see more of the country , and the world ,( once we are allowed again that is !) and we wouldn’t do that if we still have our coast house.Like I said, the picture is stunning and I’m more than pleased with it and the way it is printed onto paper that gives it a painted feel . Thank you ,RegardsJanette